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Union County canceled due to weather.

Coastal Plains Dragway

Saturday, October 17th



We were at Wilkesboro Dragway on October 3rd and it was even better than on the Farm.  They probably had one of the largest crowds for the CGJ race.  We started out with 51 cars but only 49 made it to first round.  For the full report, go here.

Winner:  Donnie Benfield

Runner-up:  Ronnie Skinner

Second chance winner:  Jeff Brockman

Second chance runner-up:  Josh Barczy

We were at Farmington on September 25th and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. The air was made for fast passes all day. We had 55 CGJ's at Farmington!  The race was good even with a few track prep issues. The hard pounding gear jamming cars are pretty rough on a starting line.  Check out the full report here.


Winner:  Mike "Good ol Charlie Brown" Boyles

Runner-up:  Jeff Smith Jr.

Second chance winner:  Jeff Smith

Second chance runner-up:  Gary Laviner

We had 45 cars at Roxboro Motorsports Dragway.  We had 4 racers dead on their dial in for Dash for Cash, going to the ten thousands for the tie breaker of a .0001 vs .0000!  We haven't had to do that in a while.  For pics and details, check out the FB post.

Winner:  Marty Smith

Runner-up:  Robby Draughon 

Second chance Winner:  Tom Talmon

Second chance runner-up:  Scott Cox






​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Congratulations to Lones Combs

2020 NC Drag Racing Hall of Fame
2020 North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame Ceremonies was held on Saturday, February 15th, in conjunction with the 18th Annual Shriner's Drag Racing & Hot Rod EXPO at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, NC.

Here's the 2020 Inductees Arnie Beswick, Classic Gear Jammers own Lones Combs, Jerry Williams. Buddy Ingold, Pete and Jackie Hill. Jeff Byrd Award- Alvin Dilldine and Pioneer Award to Bill and Nelson Gusler.
Click here for a full write up on our friend, Lones.
2019 Points Champion
Let's meet your 2019 Classic Gear Jammers Champion and get the details of his sweet ride. Jeff Smith finished second in the Classic Gear Jammers 2018 season, but said that wasn't going to work next year. You can't miss his beautiful black 1963 Corvette, running a 427 BBC with a single carburetor, Jerico Performance Products DR4 4 speed with a Long Shifter, 9" Ford axle on a 4 link with 5.67 gears. His personal best ET is 5.92 at 117 mph. Jeff is a long time supporter and has been racing with CGJ since 1993, before that he played semi-pro baseball for 16 years. Jeff's previous car was a red '67 corvette named "Corvette Express".  Great Job Jeff, way to go!
Congratulations to our top 20 in the points standings for 2019!

Attention Racers:

  • Every racer please check in at the registration trailer (Gerringer trailer) when you arrive for every race. 

  • Please make sure all your contact information is current.  Dash for Cash pays $100.00.

  • The semi finals in the main race pay is $200.00 per car.

  • Second chance race pays top 4 (Winner, Runner-up & Semi's).

  • Everyone racing gets points.

  • Second chance race winner and runner-up bet bonus points (2 pts. to win 1 pt for runner-up).

  • Please make sure you are running the Hank Thomas Performance decals on your car (MUST have decals on car to be eligible for gas gift certificates).

**Tech Inspections**


Classic Gear Jammers Safety Rules

The rules listed below are listed as crucial must have.

  • Helmet – All entries running 5.50 or quicker will be required to have a Snell 2000 closed face helmet. All other entries require Snell 2000 or newer.

  • Seat Belts – All belts must be no older than five years from the date of manufacture. A grace period will be given as long as tech officials deem the existing belts safe.

  • Protective Clothing – All entries running 6.00 to 8.00 are required to wear SFI 3.2A-1 fire jacket and long pants. Blue jeans are acceptable. Any entry running 5.00 to 5.99 must wear SFI 3.2A-5 fire jacket and SFI 3.2A-5 fire pants and a 3.3 neck collar, fire shoes and fire rated gloves.

  • Bell Housing – All entries must have blow-proof bellhousing.

  • Harmonic Balancer – Must be SFI 18.1 approved.

  • Throttle Return Spring – 2 springs required.

  • Fire Extinguisher – Properly secured fire extinguisher on all cars

  • Window Net – Required on all cars running 6.30 or quicker.

  • Fuel Cell Ground – All entries running plastic fuel cell shall have ground a strap mounted from filler neck to body or frame.

  • Battery Hold Down – All entries must have the battery properly secured.

  • Roll Cage – All entries quicker than 7.50 requires a minimum 6 point roll bar. All entries 6.30 or quicker require full roll cage.

  • Brakes – All entries shall have brakes on all four wheels.

  • Drive Shaft loops – All entries shall have (2) drive shaft loops. (1) front and (1) rear.

  • Coolant Recovery Can – (Catch Can) All entries shall have a catch can properly sized to catch excess fluid.

  • Tail Lamp – One tail light mandatory on all entries and MUST be used at night.

  • 5/8 rear studs required for cars running faster than 6.50 ET.

  • No Antifreeze in/as engine coolant.

  • No rubber valve stems on any wheel (all four). If running tubes must use metal/brass valve stem tubes.

  • Must have working front lights (this can be small led lights that dragsters use, ie: driving lights, oem headlights, etc.)

  • Note: Any vehicle failing tech inspection will be given 30 days to complete necessary repairs from date of infraction and will be re-inspected afterwords.

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We would like to thank the Classic Gear Jammers team members. This is our 30th year of racing. It takes a team to make all of this happen with dedication and commitment. 


Rick Gerringer: Chairman of the board, Marketing

Sherri Gerringer: Scheduling, Treasurer, Book keeping, Merchandise sales, Competition race director

Jamie Hutchens:  Board member

Gary Laviner: Board member
Tommy Lumley: Board member

Ken Regenthal: Board member

Tom Talmon: Board member

Andy Walker: Board member

Matt Wilson: Board member

Kenny Regenthal Jr.: Board member, Tech inspector

Robert Slater: Tech inspector

Scott Cox: Tech inspector

Angie Jones: Website design

Visit the Gear Jammers registration trailer for purchases. 

(Gerringer trailer)

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